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Jan. 8th, 2009


can you see my breath?

I exhale birds/

i exhale birds

Jan. 3rd, 2009


happy new year

I almost killed this journal, goddamnit!
Well now I will be more careful and promise to post more often. More often than once a year - gotta work hard! xD
Anywaya, 2008 is gone/
Welcomed 2009 with a bunch of friends, bought WAY too much alcohol, well we got almost 3 weeks of no school to consume it, nights alone reading the books I prepared just for the holidays and listenin to music, music, music. I've become really close-minded on screamo which is cool of course, but kinda scary in a way)) My lastfm isnt scrobbling for reasons unknown so i got one more pretext to allow myself to listen whatever shitty music i put my bored hands on ^ ^
Books! Its time to relax and read some non-classic things. Irvine Welsh - Porno & Filth - and let the reality kiss my ass.
Gotta go invite Ruby to do the = Old House = again, with the rest of the wine and a camera. last time it was really fun, drunk and cold) it also brought some rad pix, here's one of my favorite of the whole 2008:

old house anti-scene

Sep. 16th, 2008


this day brought sickness and relief

So after several decisions were made in my life, i can see some obvious
changes. I started to write again, to write a story i gave up about half a year
ago. I didnt come back to what was already written since then so re-reading
was really amazing, 'cause i forgot a lot and it gave me a chance to read it
as if somebody else had written it. And you know what, i liked it! It definitely
gave me a "push" which wont last long, i know, but for now it feels great))
I love it when I feel self-confident, too bad i'm so unstable in this way.

Im not finding myself doing self-destructive things anymore and its been awhile
since the last time i felt suicidal. Its funny how calmly i can think about those
times now, when everything is relatively fine. I reduced the number of people
im communicating with to a minimum and last two nights I spent watching
Star Trek first season on dvd, at home. Mr Spock is my all-time hero, yeah :)

Oh, and Fear Before the March of Flames have officially turned into Fear Before.
I personally like it better now. And the new self titled album will be out 10.28.08.
I hope i'll get it somehow till my birthday)

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